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Fabian Murer

HOWTO – Unifi USG and Wingo TV

Are you living in Switzerland and are consuming your Internet and TV from Wingo? Are you a bit more a tech geek than the standard user and are using a Unifi USG as a router? Then you probably will come across the following problem:

How to run Wingo TV while using the Unifi USG?

This article will describe how you need to configure your Unifi USG in order to be able to user your Wingo TV.

Vulnhub Super Mario Host: 1.0.1 Walkthrough Part 2

It has been a long time since the first part of this host from Vulnhub. I apologize, I have simply forgot it. With this post, I want to finish the walkthrough of this host. The first part ended with the password of Luigi. The next obvious step is to connect to the host over ssh using the found password.

USB-Backdoor using Raspberry Pi Zero W and P4wnP1

In this post I want to show how I assembled a little hacking gadget using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and the software of P4wnP1. This project is based on the two projects from P4wnP1 and Novaspirit. Please notice that this is for educational use only! Do not use it in the wild!

What you need:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Micro-SD card
  • Latest version of Raspbian (Lite version is sufficient)
  • P4wnP1 Software
  • Some wires
  • USB male head
  • Case for Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Soldering equipment

Game of Thrones CTF 1 Walkthrough – Part 2

This post covers the second part of the Game of Thrones CTF 1 walkthrough. In the first part I have already found the first two kingdom flags and one secret flag:

Kingdom Flags
Dorne: fb8d98be1265dd88bac522e1b2182140
Winterfell: 639bae9ac6b3e1a84cebb7b403297b79

Secret Flag
Savages: 8bf8854bebe108183caeb845c7676ae4

Game of Thrones CTF 1 Walkthrough – Part 1

This post covers the first part of the Game of Thrones CTF 1 provided by Vulnhub. The CTF contains 11 flags in total (7 kingdom flags, 3 secret flags and one battle flag). The flags will be a md5 hash.

Please notice that this walkthrough might contain SPOILER to the actual series and as usual, if you have not solved this challenge yet, then try it first on your own!